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CSV2437 - Detached house near the marina

230000 € Detached house Center 8 rooms

Single 2-storey house with garden/courtyard of about 100sqm garden and courtyard

The property is located in the residential area of Sas Covas about 300m from the marina of Bosa, and is about 2km from the city centre. The area is quiet, convenient and easy to access. The house dates back to the early 80s, is in good condition and habitable, but it requires a general restyling. It is divided into 2 separate apartments: the main one, at first floor, with a living area, and an additional mezzanine floor, with 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. On the ground floor, and served by a separate entrance, there is another apartment consisting of a living room-kitchen with a bedroom. All around, the house is surrounded by a garden and a courtyard where some cars can be parked.


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