About bosa

Bosa is a very special place, set between rolling hills, on a river and right by the sea; a place where you can unwind and relax amongst family and friends. Surrounded by stunning landscape and minutes drive away from some of the best beaches in Italy, for you to enjoy when you book one of our holiday houses or stay in our boutique B&B. Explore the historic centre of Bosa, unique in Sardinia, or choose to stay in one of our historic centre properties and immerse yourself in another world, overlooked by the 12 century Malaspina castle.

A holiday in Bosa is a holiday to explore the flavours of Sardinia; flavours of the land and of the sea come together in recipes unique to Bosa. The cuisine of the area is rich in unusual dishes and offers visitors a new experience of Italian cooking. When you book one of our holiday houses, or a stay in Su Dandaru, our B&B, we will also invite you to visit our restaurant, Verdefiume, offering you a voucher to use when you visit.
Choose to stay in one of our historic centre houses, or in Su Dandaru, our B&B and you will live amongst those who still work producing lace, sitting outside their front doors you will see this intricate craft being produced in the old traditional method. Enjoy carnival in February and many other ancient religious festivals, which take place in the old town and by the sea.
Bosa was founded by the Phoenicians and was one of the most important populated centres of Sardinia. In roman times the town was on the left bank of the river Temo, in the surrounding area of San Pietro Extra Muros. In 1112 Malaspina Castle was built on top of the Serravalle hill and the new town of Bosa followed, being build on the hill below the castle. The medieval quarter of Sa Costa remains to this day as the wonderful historic centre of Bosa. Under the Spanish Bosa became one of the most important and affluent towns in Sardinia. The Savoy brought economic prosperity to Bosa and it was a grand town in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.